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Winter Blues and Thankyous

 We are not feeling bluesy really. I am just thinking about the inconveniences of sub-zero weather. There are small annoyances that happen only in mid-winter when the temperatures drop.
   One of those things is static electricity. I walk across the carpet in our bedroom and listen to the snapping. I can feel it grab my skirt and swirl at my feet. I don’t like it. We use Bounce dryer sheets with vigilance when we dry our clothes. We mix a solution of softener and water and fill a spray bottle and annoint our skirts a double dose on the ironing board so that we can walk and not get tangled up in yards of clinging fabric.
    Dog hair, lint, hair hair, and fuzz clings to everything fabric. Our veils look terrible on close inspection. 
   I have never seen such a thing but they say that there is danger of igniting a fire at the gas pumps and we’re advised about the location of the shut off switch and urged to be aware. 
    The other week, they had a blizzard in Nebraska where Francis and Jenny live. The lightening that they saw during the storm was static electricity, I guess. That about makes my hair stand on end to think of it.
    So it is dry and cold and snappy here in Wisconsin. 

    I am thankful for cedar firewood right now. It crackles and pops beautifully, sending off sprays of sparks behind the glass. Warm, meaningful fires happen quickly when we need them. Elv’s hands smell like cedar smoke. I like that.
   I am thankful for a heritage of faith today, too. We had a baptism this morning. Is there any other ceremony that incorporates salvation and eternity and joy all at once? Elv said this morning as his opening remarks that the baptism today is a forever thing.
   I suppose every day has “forever” decisions. It makes you take a second thought, doesn’t it?

    When the dirtied snow is tired but still deep and cold; the house plants seem greener and lovelier. We are really enjoying this plant again. It never flowers, it just keep growing these perfect green leaves in ivy and geranium. I don’t know why the geranium won’t bloom but it makes itself quite useful as greenery.

I am thankful for the light during out short days that the white of the snow gives us. Even inside the deep wells of our stone house windows we have plenty of natural light during the day.
And thankful for quiet hours by the fire in the evening, especially after busy days of work.
   I am thankful for the songs we sing on Sunday morning. I love the old favorite hymns that we’ve sung for a hundred years yet they’re vital and new to my heart each time.  I believe that it is the old and familiar that allows us to get the meat of the message in those songs. There is power in the blood, And whiter than snow, yes, whiter than snow, Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. There’s soul food on a winter morning for you. And Transformed by grace divine, the glory shall be thine. I am always getting “me” all tangled up in my own supposed victories. I do need this reminder.

I am thankful for Valentine’s Day, because Elv and I think about our relationship again. We didn’t do flowers and chocolate this year. I told him that his kindness is all the flowers and chocolate that I need. Besides he brings me flowers and chocolates a lot of other times of the year for no reason. Except, of course, that he loves me.
Maybe this is as good a time as any to say thank you to him. I am thankful for my husband’s faithfulness and integrity in our marriage. I never worry about him. I don’t take it for granted, either. It’s a dark and dirty world we live in and I know he makes the right effort for our marriage. I am thankful for the respect and privacy we share and protect for each other when we cause offense to each other. I am no end grateful that Elv doesn’t tell the world how awful I am when we hit a bump in our road. To share the blame and the solution in private between us is a wonderful gift of commitment. 

In a few weeks when the sun feels warmer through these windows, the geranium will respond by growing quickly and blooming in reds and whites. It’s just above freezing here, but because they’re acclimated, they survive. Given a little warmth they’ll be lush and blooming in no time.
Must be a lesson in marriage enrichment here, too, since we’re on the subject today. Commitment acclimates us to about anything even to a seemingly cold and lusterless relationship. Why not add a little warmth and watch it bloom? I can initiate that all alone. But it helps immensely when two decide to tango.

3 thoughts on “Winter Blues and Thankyous”

  1. Beautifully written. I hope you are collecting these reflections to be published in a book someday. God has blessed you with a talent for gently reminding readers of His truths while reflecting His love.


  2. I don't like 12 red roses. To me they mean “I am sorry I was not faithful” and I know this is not true. Or like one woman said, “And now you come home drunk!”.. If ever I were given 12 red roses, I will put them into 3-5 arrangements and make the beauty shine out of them in different rooms. To much of one thing in too small of area in 12 red roses!. Grandma Ruth.


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