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It’s Better To Laugh Than To Cry

    Who knew that old, well-used furniture, curtains, fixtures, and our dilapidated house would become “in”.  What a bonanza. My ship came in without any effort whatsoever. Thanks Pinterest! 
     I just have to laugh. While the denizens of all things popular in the world of homemaking are having a field day using markers on their too new furniture to “distress” them, I am hugging myself with delight that all of my furniture is already quite distressed. 
    All I have to do now to have the ultimate in shabby chic is to clean it squeaky. Any day now, I expect Better Homes and Gardens to come knocking on my door to do a photo shoot for the magazine. 
     I sure could use some Annie Sloan paint on the kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, around every door and under every pull is an exquisite line of the chic-est of shabby-ness already. Why bother? 
    I fully intend to update my perfect kitchen one of these days with proper lower cabinets. When I paint them, I am going to buy some “un-shabby” oil based paint and do it right, Pinterest notwithstanding!
    I admit though, that I am impressed that we’ve discovered that the old and even well-used might actually be better than the expensive, cheaply-built new. And now that “anything goes” for decor; I can have the nicest in up-and-coming for pennies. That’s a good thing at this house. Looks great on the pictures, too. Easier on grandchildren, too. 
                                           Happy Pinteresting Day to You

4 thoughts on “It’s Better To Laugh Than To Cry”

  1. I'm wondering if our land lady will be impressed with the “distressing” her furniture is getting from my children…I hope she has a sense of what's “in”.


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