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Spring Stuff

 It’s springtime now. The grass greens a bit when it rains and the spring bulbs are all coming up blades of green. 
Brad went to Nebraska and we miss him. We miss him for him. We also miss him for his chores. When Elv brings in firewood he makes a good job of it to last for a day or two or three. Turns out this is less messy for the floors. That’s something!
On Monday I cleaned out the pile-it place in my desk. Here’s a sketch from the hand of Elv’s mom. I think it’s Grandma Hershey. Pretty sure about this. It should be framed, right? 


Has anyone else noticed the new availability of clementines/tangerines? Is there a difference? We’re enjoying them.

I had coffee and scones with Dorothy in my living room this morning. It felt rich and restful.
   I hate to admit  that after all that noise about having a real camera, it turns out that the phone camera is better for me.  I cannot get a non-fuzzy picture with the Super SteadyShot. Not one!
    Listening to Pandora and too Scotch” to pay for the no-ads version and finding that I am tired of listening to the same songs over and over. So I keep “thumbs-down-ing” them. Till Pandora says no more and I have to listen to Laura Story talk-singing after all. Well, I suppose I wouldn’t have to. So I don’t. (BTW, if you put adblock plus on your computer browser, Pandora doesn’t get to play those ads! Really!) So I move over to Oasis Choral Radio. Still good stuff there. Laura Story was singing a song called Who But Jesus that stated that only Jesus would invite weary people to come to Him. Nothing wrong with those lyrics, I just don’t like her style much.
     It does take a caring person to ask weary people to come. Leave it to Jesus. He says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden; I will give you rest.” Nobody else would want my weariness and my garbage in trade for rest! Why is it, we carry truck around, and expect to feel heroic for our effort? It really doesn’t make sense. Humans need a SaviorSo we come hesitantly, sometimes, finally! Grudgingly. And He really does give rest for all that. We come. He delivers. Amazing!
    Next song is Oasis Choral‘s song quoting the verse, Come to Me, with a lovely obbligato.  Dissonances in the right places. It’s beautiful! Take that, Pandora!   

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