My Life is Good

 I dislike when people wear “busy” like a martyr or a hero. We live as we choose and we do what we really want to do: work, social events, play, eat, sleep, complain, or have a good attitude. We should not even try to deny it. 
Right now, we are running at full speed…so much we WANT to do.  And I have to say, we’re trying to do ALL of it. Elv usually says “enough” before I do, but this time I think he’s enjoying it as much as I am. 
Brad is graduating this spring with honors. We plan to celebrate soon. Stay tuned. 
Not be trite, but it went so fast. 
   Thanks Brad for the great school days with you. And for studying hard and staying with it till the end. You did well! 
This morning, summer vacation underway and there’s nobody home here.  “Empty Nester” has got to be the silliest term for where we are these days. 
   Mostly, we are busy with work: our own daily work, projects on the house that are still in the very early stages, helping Francis and Josh with their new property, and my work at the store is rich and varied just now with all the new stuff arriving daily to be priced and displayed. Besides, the lawn needs mowing and the garden weeding.  

This is me trying to write for Dad’s story. Dad, are you praying about this project? My stack of papers is not yet this numerous but it will be soon, a pile of false starts. The deadline marches steadily closer day by day. 

The Martin reunion is ten days away and I am still laboring on a picture presentation. We’ve been collecting pictures such as these. Take a good look, if you know Aletha Martin Kauffman and her three sisters, Mildred, Ella, and Rhoda. This is a sister group, yes.
  Piles of black and white photos to sort through and scan in to change them to something that will project from my computer to a large white space for viewing by the 28th. Another deadline that I’m a little nervous about.
    I just have to say that Grandma Kauffman always wore that style of shoes just like she is wearing here: heels and pointy toes and all. I remember. Maybe this is the reason I like pretty shoes.

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