Update Part 2

 In May Amy and I traveled down to Nebraska to help Francis paint her “new” house. We spent the first evening at Gabe’s because they were headed off to a wedding in Indiana. (I wonder if recording such little details matters here.)
   Meet Gwen, Myles on her right, and Jimmy on her left, and the cat. Said cat is a stray and much beloved by the Burkey children when he decides to stick around.

 This picture is the only one that I am going to blog about Francis’s house project.(She should do that herself.) Josh and his dad had ripped out the old top cabinets in the kitchen so the wall that was left was a mess.  Francis got it cleared with Josh to get some paint-able bead board to make the mess pretty for the new shelving of her dreams.The three of us are quite a capable bunch as you can tell. We bought four sheets of 4 by 8 fake beadboard and wrestled them into the trailer and tied them down. Note the can-do expressions on the faces and our cart full of purses. I love that mom taught us to be resourceful and willing to tackle such things. Not to mention that Josh trusted me with his pickup and trailer to navigate Lincoln, to boot.

                   Here’s our two of our three grandgirls who are turning a year old these days.

 They’re going to be remodeling  decorating their own houses too in twenty years. I hope they enjoy it like we do.

 What is more fun that kite flying on a windy summer evening? The excitement of the invisible merry little breezes tugging at your kite and sweeping it away to the blue of the sky. Kites cutting capers in the blue way up there while you run and hang on tight. It’s impossible to not enjoy. Childhood is so fleeting and important. So is kite flying, because so much more happens when dad helps them fly kites, than kite flying.

Myles stood quite still for his kite flying and hoped really hard that it would stay up there and not coming flapping down or worse yet get caught in a tree.
I think he enjoys it, too. I was able to get him and his kite in the same picture. Thanks Myles.


Windblown Smiles

Gabe and Jenny cheezing by Grandma’s peony bushes.


The latest portrait of Mom’s people. I would love to be as pretty as my Mom when I am 70!

A collage of the Skrivseth Sunday afternoon shindig. We had the best time together.


One last picture of Grandpa and Angelie. She took to him or his phone pretty easily.  This picture also proves that they were here in Wisconsin just last week.

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