Summer Ready

 We found a minute to go to the cabin to mow the lawn and wash the windows on Monday and Tuesday.
The field at the end of Joshua Road was white with flowers. And the woods were abloom with bluebells, wild roses and other flowers that I don’t know the names of.
It was cool up there and not as wet as it is here in Wisconsin. Oh, the mud hole was full of red water, but we simply walked in so it didn’t matter at all. Besides Elv’s errand for his boss…the reason we even got to go up, found us a way to finally span that ole mud hole.
   The last six miles of gravel is always exciting for us. And the lupines are blooming right now. When we checked our time right about here; we realized that even though we’d taken 27 and A north through the woods, we’d made great time. Just a little over two hours, this time. Elv managed to look a little sheepish, but I felt triumphant.

 The generator gives us enormous satisfaction in lights and electricity. It is very quiet, too. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we can’t hear it at all. When there are no other motor sounds for miles around, you can hear a generator no matter how “quiet” it may be.

Last time we were there there was a big snow bank in front of the door that we had to climb over and slide ourselves carefully down to get in. 
   Now only green grass, trees and blooming flowers everywhere. What a transformation. 
It’s always fun to see how things fared over winter. How much firewood is left, and who left it all thrown on the front porch? 
    Brad, you and I were going to go up there and work that log up into firewood. Are we? 
    It was very short, but peace and rest met us as we walked up. The terrible flies were gone, as well. Only a few dead ones left on the front room upstairs. I want to know where they all went? Back out into the woods? And how can we block off their entrance points so as to not have them back next winter when we warm the place with our stoves for our winter stays?
     And Elv and I each got a short visit in with our neighbors while we there although at different times. Good stuff.
    We’ll be back soon, we hope. There are trails to hike. Marshmallows to roast over evening fires. Books to read. Mosquitoes to swat. Flowers to pick. Journals to keep. Late night rendezvous to meet. Fireflies to watch. Friends to visit. 

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