It Matters To Him

 Pink hollyhocks are blooming in the garden. Just in time to show Dot and thank her for these beauties that she gave us a few years ago. Two years ago they rusted badly. It was sickening. So far this year, they’re beautiful.

We’re in a place of prayer these days. Some of us have vigils to keep for others. I remember Jesus asking the disciples, “What? could ye not watch with me one hour?” Even one hour of waiting for a daughter who is on the other side of the globe laboring to get through it to the other side is long and longer. And it must be walked through! This vigilant prayer on my part.

I am learning something about prayer again lately. Did you know that when it’s time to pray about something specific, God tells you about that? If you’re listening and available.
I was puttering about house work last night and felt the need to pray for Clark’s who were traveling up the cabin right then. I prayed for their safety. Just heart whispers that only God heard. I don’t understand why it’s important to Him that we pray/intercede in these times. But it is. So we pray. And He moves and protects and guides. Apparently, about the time I was praying, a deer ran into the path of Clark’s Jeep and completely totaled it. They were fine. The deer was totaled, too. 

 As moms, we have vigils to keep. Perhaps, the most important part of this is having ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and a promptness in our hearts to stop everything and turn our full attention to an all powerful Father who loves when we ask.


Amy planted an old fashioned rose bush in our garden last summer that she got from Gladys Martin. It grows and blooms and sends out more new shoots and blooms again all summer long. It is a most satisfactory rose bush. We’ve trained some of it to climb the trellis. It has a sweet, light fragrance. Soon we’ll have a whole row of it.

Since that has been so easy and fun, I bought another rose start from Wal-mart this spring. Now that one is blooming too, on the other side of the trellis. Pink again. But the fragrance is spicier. Lovely. It’s a statelier rose. Perhaps it require more tender respect than the other. 

     Thinking about our patios this summer of flowers and lights and do-dads, cushions, chairs, and pretties. Aren’t they lovely? And it’s fun to gather up whoever is around to enjoy a small roasting fire. And hopefully burn enough mosquito repellent candles to make a difference.
    All this beauty and joy to be shared and enjoyed is nice. It’s nice because we all need to rest from the dirty and hardness of toil and the grind. It’s valuable because it’s a temporary privilege in Wisconsin, this sitting outside. Here’s my special thought. It’s also a glimpse of Heaven.
    Of course, we have no idea how beautiful and restful Heaven will be, we’re still sorta grounded for now. We have our ideas of nice and lovely. We enact those ideas. But we can’t possibly rob ourselves of Heaven’s beauty or joy by somehow getting too much of what we have available to us here now. It’s out of this world, better, in Heaven. We’re stuck with lights that burn out, batteries that go dead, plants that go dormant, flowers that wilt, mildew to fight, dirt to clean up, dirt to grow flowers, and concrete that crumbles. Yet we work on these temporal things to create a tiny glimpse of the beauty and rest that we crave. God made us this way. Its a way to love our families and our friends by sharing it and maintaining it, however silly and short it is.
And I think husbands and children and grandchildren are happier when we create little spots of Heaven in our homes for them.

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