Goslings and Children

 We have been going to the cabin for the 4th of July for about five years now. Benny and Asher expect it by now and so do we all. This year the “bugs” weren’t too bad yet and the fire flies were just like I remember them from childhood. When Elv and I drove back to the cabin after fireworks on Monday evening we shut off the Jeep lights to see them better. The field along Joshua road was full of their flickering light. It’s an amazing sight.

Charlotte and her boys. I’ve mentioned this before. She is a good mom to them. All the zoom and energy and movement they create are well within her range of understanding and patience. I have noticed this often about families. The children match their parents. God has given parents exactly the kind of people they can love and teach. Of course, it requires effort. Anything important requires effort and wisdom. And what’s more important than raising children?

 All the beaches were plugged with people. All the “kid friendly” beaches, that is. Benny and Asher and Elv were pretty frantic to get their feet in the water. But we either had huge rocks dropping off into deep water or we had people. Finally Clark’s gave up on us being together on the beach and headed down the shore and eventually found a spot for the boys to play. 

 So this was exactly the scenario that was frustrating to everyone including Benny. No place to really safely play.

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