Random Blurry Pictures of Our Thanksgiving Time

The cute kitten  that is no longer having succumbed to a fisher or mouse poison or neighbors gave Havilah much joy. He disappeared without a trace, as they say.We have had no luck with kittens in the past and evidently that hasn’t changed.  

You are seeing a little jet lag happening here. The Thai children came home and jumped right into American life, but not without catching up with the viruses that are going around. Dru and Lisl bought them new coats and they wore them rather constantly at first, but they’re adjusting quickly. They’re anticipating snow as heartily as the rest of us.

Asher turned four midst the hub-bub of fall events and home-comings and travel.  Charlotte didn’t forget and brought a cake and candles along when we were all together one evening and we took time to sing Happy Birthday and take a picture.

 And then it was Thanksgiving Time. We had our usual spread of pies for the weekend and plenty of family coming home to eat them. The pecan pie seemed to be a real success made with cream cheese. It was like pie and cheesecake all in one dish. We’ll do that again.
Josh and Francis and Anne came from Nebraska to spend the holiday with family. They and Lance’s were here at our house for Thanksgiving Day proper. All the pictures I tried to get of our loaded, pretty tables are blurred. It’s a disaster directly proportional to the wonderful day we had together. So it’s all fine. I promise to not be too lazy to set up the tripod for Christmas.


 Our Thanksgiving Dinner on Saturday at Lewi’s was a perfect family day together complete with a four generation picture and plenty of after-dinner laughter and story.
We pushed back our chairs from a wonderful meal and the men spent the next couple of hours playing table games and visiting while us girls helped mom to disperse the contents of her cedar chest.
We found old quilts, old lacy pillow cases and kerchiefs. Mom remembers that the quilt made of one inch squares came from her mother’s mother even though she can’t remember the newest great grandbaby’s name nor yet to which granddaughter he belongs.
We spent quite awhile just looking these things over while she told us what she could remember.  Eventually, we worked out a drawing system to try to divvy these things out. It’s impossible to be completely fair and I often come away worrying that I am cradling something someone else wanted or deserves more than I do.

 While the babies play on someone’s device. What is this world coming to!

And Russ Sips His Soda

Youngest Grandson Moments with Grandma Graber

 Story is a big part of our lives. The babies love to have them read … the same familiar stories, over and over. So do the rest of us.
Our niece, Kara, walked the  Appalachian Trail in the past year. She has stories to tell, parts of which she shared with us. I was inspired by her tales because I am familiar with the themes, as are you. That’s what makes story important. It’s the familiar themes that we identify with along the way that provide us faith and community. The rocks in her trail remind me of mine. Her triumphs give me hope. And the bears along the way that strike terror are no less chased away than my own fears. Faith stories beget faith.
Malachi 3:16 Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another and the Lord listened and heard them; so a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name.

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