Patio Winter Decor

Amy and I made two winter patio boxes for fun today. We have neat little solar lights from the store which we enjoyed all summer  ranged among the impatiens just so. They flicker and glow in the evening till late at night. So we moved them into the boxes for some more joy.
This is an easy project with few rules. We left the soil intact in them and the two or three ivy plants that are still alive and kicking. We gathered up pine boughs, a few red briar stocks, left over lilac bloom heads, rose hips, and pine cones. To the tidy critic this is probably messy hodge-podge. To me, they’re beautiful. This is one of those flower boxes made from weathered rotten wood that Brad made for us three years ago. The first winter we fixed them all up like this after a glorious geranium show all summer. Last winter all three boxes stood empty in the store room. This past spring we had to throw all but this one away. The wood had truly disappeared in strategic places so the jig was up. This one still works.


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