Scribbling in December

 December is commencing with the proper amount of Christmas events and plans. I love it. Decorating and cleaning and Cookie Day. I like this, too.
    Today one of the young moms from church texted me to get an opinion about an idea for decorating at the church. I am reminded of our earthly way of limited celebration compared to the lavish gift of His Son. Our attempts to celebrate are feeble and wanting no matter how beautiful the greenery and bright the candle. Yet we continue to try. I want to remind everyone in my world that at this house we celebrate.So we clean and decorate and bake.  And plan gatherings of family. We celebrate His birth, His life, His resurrection, and anticipate His Second Coming.
   We prepare for days ahead for family in-gatherings. Where will we seat everyone? Where will we sleep everyone? What food? What entertainments? What games?What gifts? What about getting a family portrait. This should remind us of the preparation that is going on for Jesus’ Second Coming when the whole family of God gathers in at home in Heaven.  Jesus said that He would be preparing mansions for us. Then He will return to fetch us. Do the plans that you are making for your family gatherings remind you have that future reunion?

                               Cookie Day

~ We spend this one December day to do a once a year project TOGETHER. It’s noisy and crowded and messy and fun.
~ The children get to help and sample. They get to play for hours inside and outside in new snow. Memories in the making.
~ Somehow at the end of the day everyone gets to take numerous plates of cookies home. It’s amazing how many plates that are left here. I tried to explain to the family that evening what synergy is. Elv wasn’t impressed with the idea of synergy; but he certainly is with so many Buck Eyes in the freezer!
~ Neighbors all over the community will get to enjoy some of our cookies, for at Christmastime, we share.
~ There will be cookies to send along for caroling cookie plates.
~ There will be cookies and coffee while we open the daily batch of Christmas greetings from loved ones.
~ There will be cookies left for the living room circle of game players during the evenings of family times.
~ At last toward the end of Christmas week, I’ll gather up the fragments and hand them off to the children who love to “dunk”. Not that they didn’t “dunk” them the whole month long. But by the end of December dunking will be the only way to eat them … dried and tasteless morsels.

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