A White Christmas

Winter arrived full-fledged and frigidly cold … before Christmas. We have snow and sub-zero temps at night.
This is perfect weather for catching a few snowflakes with a lens. I tried to cut a regular looking six-sided paper snowflake this morning. I have never known how to do this. All of mine to date have been eight sided. Do you have that trouble?
No doubt someone reading this knows how to fold the paper correctly or cut it just so or something.
Why are all snowflakes six-sided? Or are they? What is the math behind a snowflake? Every one that I can distinguish here is six-sided. Google says that due to the inter-molecular force of hydrogen bonding, all snowflakes are six-sided.  God uses the number six for snowflakes and “no two are alike”, so says further lore. I’m good with enjoying their beauty on a day like today.
    On a day like today when the forecast is calling for a winter storm. We’re supposed to get up to ten inches of snow followed directly by bitterly cold temperatures.

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