We Promised


  1.     To decide to be thankful for each other.

2.     To value our marriage as precious. To be responsible to the matrimonial essence of it. We promised.  

3.     To nurture the love and respect that we need for each other.

4.     To overlook the lapses, his and mine.

5.     To never let go of hope or trust.

6.     To create a place for love to grow in our minds and hearts.

7.     To treasure the soft moments between us and bring them to the forefront when hard things threaten.

8.     To guard commitment for life as we would a rare and valuable jewel for that is what it is. Nothing transcends commitment when it is needed. Nothing leads back to trust and forgiveness as surely as does commitment.

9.     To trade our individual, foolish expectations in for honesty, willingly. It’s like opening the blinds to let the sunshine flood in.

10.   To remember that God made our marriage. 

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