Sunshine and Succulents

 Spring is in the air even though we had two degrees below zero this morning. It’s the time of the year for some fresh table center pieces and for dusting bookshelves. New décor and gardening plans. If we can’t have spring outside, we can have it inside and the outdoors will soon catch up and take over.
I wanted to do this project a month ago, but Wal-Mart had no succulents for sale then. Yesterday, finally. And what fun. The clay pots are nice too, but we already had the white glass planned, thus.
This afternoon when we clean at church we will arrange these as centerpieces for the dining room tables. 
And then we will wish we had a few for home décor. We’ll get to that.

 Spring is important in many ways. Obviously, we could not have summer green and fall harvest without seedtime and new growth.
Easter is celebrated in the spring. The resurrection is integral to eternal life which is the most important part of our lives. We cannot fathom or measure how important this is, because we are short-sighted humans who have only begun to understand a small part of God’s love to us in sending His Son for our redemption. Spring provides a glimpse if we will notice.
And we get to shut down the firewood mess, dirt, and dust. This spring when we can clear away firewood things; we’d like to apply a fresh coat of blacking to the stoves, wash the glass and add tiers of candles inside for summer evening or rainy day ambience.

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