Easter Weekend 2017

 The maples were at this point at Easter time. A macro lens would let us see this even better. Do you know that the red hue of the budding forests is this, close up.  Clumps of tiny flowers. Leaves coming soon. 

 We had early church this year for Easter. And we enjoyed it. 
I need Easter celebration by the time it rolls around each spring. Everything has gotten tired inside just like the old, dirty snow and cloudy days. So to celebrate Easter is to welcome gladly new life in my heart and outdoors, too.
And to top it all off perfectly, there’s a new baby in the family. We welcomed Sawyer William born to Lance and Kristine on Good Friday.  (Pictures to come later.) Of course, every new grandbaby is special. He is our eighth grandboy.

 Sunday evening, those of the family who were not sick with flu or still in the OB ward with a new baby gathered at the Stonehouse for a campfire. 
Angelie is rather photogenic, so I couldn’t resist. She is two and full of naughty and nice enough to keep her two brothers and mom and dad hopping. You can see it in her eyes, right? 
Elv let them all pile on the platform and away they went for a ride. Nothing pleases any of them more as you can see by the smiles all around. 

To those of you at home with little ones and the routines of life that threaten to feel stale, know this: You are planting the happy seeds in the  hearts of your children’s future today, during all those “mundane” routines. It takes perseverance and prayer and endurance, but it is worth it!  Remember to laugh often at yourself and with them. Celebrate everything conceivably celebratory today. 

I really wish I had thought to take a picture of Jube on Sunday morning, his cupped hands full and dripping of earthworms running around the church parking lot still collecting, Sunday togs notwithstanding. Delighted and dancing, Havilah and Laticia were helping him. It was amazing and fun and happy AND icky! This Marmee did not panic. I told them to please put the worms down now and come in to wash up; that we were almost done getting church ready and about to begin. 
What an awesome experience for the children! I remembered to tell Jube later that when we go fishing this summer that handful of worms will be exactly what we need. As a Marmee, it’s so much easier to see that such moments are harmless and important and sweet, than it was when I was the mom.  

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