Having My Say

I am about tired of Pinterest the last couple of days. Here’s why. And maybe someone knows why this is. Maybe one of my “followers” or someone I am “following”, whatever all that means exactly… it’s rather confusing to me, is pinning these a lot lately. But this is not what I want to have my say about. Yes I do. How do I follow when I am being followed? Something isn’t quite real about that. Media messes with my mind. Never mind the alliteration. It does.
So each and every time I open Pinterest these last few days there they are again. 10 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy, 20 Cute Texts to Send to Your Husband, 10 Things Your Husband Will Eat Up, 15 Ways A Woman Can Make Her Marriage Stronger or Sizzle or whathaveyou.
 All of these cute lists are on background pictures of awesomely beautiful and perfectly fit couples in each others arms kissing by the lake or the mountains.
It’s not balanced by: 10 Ways a Man Can Tell His Wife She’s Awesome, 20 Things Every Woman Needs, or 52 New Ways to Make Your Wife Wonderful, Try One a Week for a Year! I’m gonna boycott Pinterest pretty quick if we can’t have some reality: 10 Ways To Say I’m Sorry, 5 Things That Strengthen Commitment For Men and Women in Marriage, or how about this: 100 Things to Stop Fussing About Because It Won’t Matter 100 Years From Now, Anyway!

2 thoughts on “Having My Say”

  1. Hehe! You're funny! And right. I don't even look at Pinterest. It's a major pain too when stuff pops up first thing that I'm not searching for even. It's like I have a dirty timeline. And most the time I have three boys somewhere in close vicinity. I'm pretty sure I'm tired of always having to be on guard. But I carry on…..


  2. Yes, about the dirty time line.I think I don't have control over my own time line, not in media or otherwise, I'm kinda ok with that otherwise part, but when filth shows up in my familiar web places, I'm unhappy. I've been patiently hiding them …yeah, running out of that kind commodity about this.


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