What I Am Going to Be When I Grow Up

 I remember being asked what do I want to be when I grow up. I always knew then what I wanted to be: a wife, mother, and have my own house. I have been doing that for about 35 years now. Did everything go like I envisioned? No, almost nothing was easy or dreamy sweet. Would I do it again? Of course! In fact I’m looking forward to 35 more years of being a wife, mom, and having my own home. But with a difference.

For the next 35 years I want to use what I’ve learned about priorities to enjoy the real things of life that are directly linked with accumulating treasure in Heaven. Of course, this has always been my desire, but NOW I can see so much better what really matters.
     ~ To have relationship with the grandchildren. I want them to know Jesus most of all. But I want to be remembered for the fun we had together.  I hope that when they have troubles and questions that we can point them in the right direction. If we don’t have time for them now they’ll not have time for us later.
~ To understand that grace shared is the biggest thing ever and to live that way, too.
~ To quickly forgive and forget.
~ To value a pretty table, a nice supper, but most of all the family gathered there.
~ To engage by prayer in the future of our children and grandchildren.
~ To know how to dump the temporal things: dirty dishes, tall grass, and tomorrow’s worries and go fishing more often.
~ To worry less about the bills.
~ To not have expectations for other people. It is not an endearing quality. Nobody likes having to live up to another person’s approval.
~ To believe in them, instead, and to consistently appeal to the honorable.
~ To take a mulligan once in a while without guilt. It won’t matter in a hundred years anyway.
~ To enjoy being a good historian like my husband. Historians see things that most ordinary people do not.
~ To laugh more and to be a comfortable hostess.

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