This Summer’s Patio

 We are especially enjoying the patio this summer. With lots of rain, a little effort, new ideas, and the privacy our bigger trees provide it seems extra nice.
   I used new better soil for the pots and decided to use only reds and whites and only a little blue for flower colors. Whites show up nicely in our little secluded spot and the reds ramp up the show effect. Mom used red and white petunia flowers at the farmhouse long ago and I’ve never found a way to improve on that.
   Come for coffee soon on the patio.


A Geranium Welcome

Morning Coffee and QT

 Lately I have been thinking about the balance of privacy/family and social time. And how each family culture has its own practice of this. And churches being made up of families. And how our plethora of communications has changed how we socialize in surprising ways.
Sometimes it feels to me that we have lost something precious in the way we visit or we don’t as it seems. I’m not necessarily unhappy with our online communications … I am quite grateful for it, in fact, with children spread all over the globe. And perhaps it is unfair to pin blame on any one thing, but I miss having drop-in company and being drop-in company. I miss having company other than family seated around a table set in china and crystal; serving a pretty meal.
    I want to bring back some evening front porch visiting. Who is dropping in this evening for a patio visit?  You’d be welcomed here. You might call ahead though, to make sure we are all at home.

Purple Cone Flower, The Beginning of a Cabin Garden

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