I have a nifty, little tablet for groceries, to-do lists and on-the-spot scribblings. Every page is entitled “Brilliant Ideas”. I have used it all summer and I like it a lot. I made a nice long list on it Sunday night of the things I wanted to at least get started on for Monday. Now it’s Tuesday, late afternoon. Never did get started on that list; besides, I can’t even find the notebook just now. It’s hiding under the couch or in one of my handy baskets, or somewhere laughing at me.
   For one thing, I discovered the dog sitting around trying to lick something off his ruff under his chin. Looked really odd. I took off his shock collar to discover that it was irritating his neck to the point of some kind of drainage. (TMI there for you, sorry.) Everything else went out the window for my evening accomplishments. He got a much hated bath and brushing. Not that it did a lick of good. We locked him in Brad’s shop where he got so dirty by this morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. Still draining, still dirty.
    All I’ve gotten done so far today on this @HomeDAy is to work on this dog problem. Ruger isn’t nearly as impressed with the results of two hours of combing and cleaning and sprays and salve and a bandage as I am. He’s feeling and looking quite respectably better now, though quite humiliated and distrustful. Each time I step out the door, he gives me this, now-what-you-gonna-do-to-me look and if looks were killing; I’d be dead. 
     I actually enjoyed this interruption to my grand plans to conquer that list. It doesn’t even matter anyway.

I have far more things to do on top of what is on that list anyway. Sewing and cleaning are forever with us. The Jeep is bombed again, mud outside, dirt inside and Elv and I plan to spend tomorrow together running errands with it. At some point this evening I’ll have to carve out another hour or two to made the rig date-able.
    This morning while I still nurtured happy dreams in my heart of getting that list going I drove by these cows. Couldn’t drag my eyes off this scene so I wisely pulled over and took several pictures. They’re just boring old cows, I suppose, but I’m seeing so much more in this. Here we are running around conquering lists and dying for a break in the rat race while the cows get to do exactly what we are only dreaming of doing. It is not fair, nor is it remotely intelligent of us. We can choose, and we haven’t the sense of an ordinary cow to find the nearest meadow and sit there for the day enjoying this absolutely, awesome fall weather.
   Now I really do need to find those “Brilliant Ideas”. Some of it better happen despite the dog and the cows. Have a good fall. Don’t forget to stop the car on one of your crazy errands to breathe in the autumn beauty. God made it just for you. Don’t ignore it.

4 thoughts on “Interruptions”

  1. Coming up N. Hill, I noticed a loaded semi truck laboring up the hill. It reminded me of a butterfly laboring to get out of its cocoon. This old world is laboring to get up the hill and break lose of its cocoon. Why does your story remind me of this thought picture I had, I do not know. rms


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