Saturday Evening Musings

Our world is in color now. The weather turned amazing this week and we’re reveling in it. We are especially appreciating the days of no rain and Indian summer. I want to somehow capture this perfection against a somber, snow-less, frozen November day.
    The continuing story on Ruger is that he seems to have learned his lesson about running off making the shock collar seemingly unnecessary. He is happy and comfortable at home now that he has had a large dose of attention and combing. Besides the last time he tried sneaking off after he supposed we were all off to bed, received a severe reminder from his collar. I’m sure it was worse than usual. So for those of you who wanted to see him; here he is devotedly lying at my feet. I am forgiven for my administrations to his painful sore. Must be a lesson in here somewhere. Just kidding.
    Monday I worked on short notice. Amy might tell you why, but I’ll just say here that she had a happy first weekend of time spent with her boyfriend, Tim Troyer. They found excuse to spend parts of two days together and their smiles were rather wide.

Elv and I found a minute to sit on shore of Lake Superior this week. We made Elv’s machine maintenance day count in our favor by running up to the cabin to fetch a needed tractor. We stayed the night. Coffee by the fire in the morning and Elv’s bacon and eggs for our breakfast. Perfection in catching our breath in our crazy week.

Thursday morning we got word from Dru’s that their flight plan was changed last minute.  So after work we drove down to Eau Clair to get their van from a friend who drove it up that far. Elv drove the van, I drove the car and we sped through the night across I94 one behind the other to the MSP airport to leave the van in the short term parking. We got home at one in the morning. Dru’s dropped out of the sky at midnight, packed into their waiting van and got home around 3:30 AM. There’s some managed or controlled chaos for you. It worked just fine. Elv lost a minimal amount of much needed rest and after Lisl was unpacked and had her children down for naps on Friday; I stopped in to see her all cool and collected, safely home.
    So this moment we had by the cabin stove Wednesday morning was not wasted. Even the memory of a blue mug of hot coffee, quiet time, and visits with Elv keep me going later in the week.
    It’s been an amazing summer and now fall of happy times for Elv and I. I won’t bore you with the details, but we have our reasons to feel richly blest. I thank God upon every remembrance of you! to the best husband in the world.

1 thought on “Saturday Evening Musings”

  1. awwww thanks for the lovely pic of the dog. 🙂 My family loves dogs and my little son would be lost without his BUT truth be told I have a love hate relationship with them. Congratulations AMY!! So happy for you!!


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