Home Keeping in Winter

January. The time of the year that begs cleaning and clearing of the Christmas decor. This year some of it is not going back into a bin, but off to the used shop or to the girls if they want to rescue some piece of traditional memory of it. Minimizing has always been, at this house of no closets or storage spaces. So I hope to have one small container to store of just those things I really love. Isn’t that the popular attitude these days?

With some cast off greenery from where I work and a lovely homemade candle from Charlotte this centerpiece came into being almost by itself. The clementines are real. Real elements are the best part of small house decor. Inexpensive and pretty.

I had tulip bulbs given to me last fall and I had every intention of planting them immediately. I was so excited about them… yet there they hid, under the desk in a cardboard box forgotten where it was cold and drafty. By the time I rediscovered them they had decided that spring had come and were pushing shoots. Will I have tulips blooming in a few weeks? In the end, I decided, even if they never make it to blooms I’ll have had great fun watching them grow on the windowsill.

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