Cozy Winter

This is a popular story line in blog land these days. Sounds comfy and nice. We haven’t really had much truly cold, January-in-Wisconsin weather to date. Anyway, I have joys to share today despite the ho-hum winter we are having.

Firstly, my phone has been updated. Thanks to a refurbished Pixel 2 I can now have a much coveted camera that pleases. Mostly thanks to Dru for kindly doing the ordering. This camera is so smart that it will focus and capture just as I wish without any fussing with settings.

I’m still learning how to get pictures of the birds at the feeder, but getting one now and then that lets me see that they wear feathers.

Lastly, the tulips growing on my windowsill are happy and almost to the top of the glass now. They recovered from a rather scary take over of mold after I took them out of the vases and individually washed them gently in warm soapy water and cut the mold spots off with a knife. Also I washed the vases and rocks with soap and water that needed. It sounds rather drastic and maybe even disastrous, but it worked, so far. I’m even more hopeful of blooms that I was.

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