Happy Things For Winter Impatience

March. The month of deep snows and wind and thaw and mud and break-up, usually. After February’s snows, it’s becoming a challenge to live joyfully. I don’t think I’m complaining when I say that ordinary chores and driving and work require more diligence and vigilance when there’s so much snow and always more coming. It’s just a fact, not a complaint.

So, this morning when Elv woke up with that “enough-is-enough-now” attitude, I have to find something to like about March and this deep snow living.

We decided against doing extra firewood chores last night. We played Scrabble instead. It’s warmer and cozier to sit by the fire than to dig firewood out from under snow covered tarp, load a sled, and stack in ranks by the stoves trussed up in boots, coats, mittens, scarves, and layers to keep warm. I can’t seem to stop this winter ranting. Anyway, I won the game. He fussed that I got all the “big” letters. Which was true … I had the z,x, and the q. “It’s the only way I can win this game with you.” Which also is true. He is almost impossible to beat and I’m no slouch at Scrabble if I may say so. He can win without the big letters. I was just lucky last night. It was a fine diversion.

Lisl’s ivy is growing again.

We are in Romans 2 for Sunday School right now. In the middle of the discussion about sin and judgment and righteousness, is this gem of sunshine. God’s Goodness, the only, only thing that matters about anything: present, past, or future. Even spring comes through God’s Goodness, inside our hearts and outside where winter seems relentless. It’s not gonna last, this winter stuff, with God in control.

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