The First Signs of Spring

Our seed order came. Plans for indoor plants starting are in place.

Snowbanks this high in March make spring seem far, far away. But people are truly convinced that spring is coming … we’re all talking about it, like it is a thing. Besides we are depending on it. Our lives depend on it. Too bad we aren’t all as equally convinced of Jesus’ return. Do you have your “seed order” in?

New displays are being set up at Northwood. Another sure sign of spring. And February with it’s supposed blahs is past and gone. The sunshine is warmer in spite of the sub-zero temperatures. Believe it or not, spring is on the way.

1 thought on “The First Signs of Spring”

  1. I hustled into Northwood today and bought some of those tulips and ferns, because they caught my eye here in your photo! I told Ruthie you should be paid for the advertising. 😉


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