The Table At Home

Yesterday turned from a work/errands type of day into a home day because my car wouldn’t start again. I really hope winter wears out before my car does. I love an unexpected home day, after I’ve gotten through the upheaval of having to pound this inflexible will of mine into line. A last minute change of plan that involves having to disappoint people bothers me. Anyway, I have to remind myself that I’m not such a much in the first place so watering plants, tending fires, and baking muffins is just as fine a way to fill a day.

My pet ferns and ivy needed to be moved away from the living room stove that is drying everything out these days. So just for fun I moved them to the table. This morning they’re looking so pretty. My little, big idea here is that being flexible and making the best of a frustrating situation can yield some fun serendipity. All it takes is to open our eyes and our hearts to happy home keeping. I didn’t want to go anywhere anyway.

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