Evening By The Water

Elv keeps taking tiny little sunnies off his hook and throwing them back. It’s been four so far, I think. I’m sitting here on the concrete under the bridge enjoying the evening breeze. Our whole world is busily living, working, and playing outdoors these days. We have about three months of this freedom having finally thrown off the shackles of winter’s snow, ice, and cold. It’s extra amazing this year.

My garden, for instance, is all up this day the first of June. I noticed the rows of green as I was driving in the lane after work. This is unprecedented. It might have something to do with Elv’s help last fall with putting it to bed for the winter under a heavy coat of mulched leaves and a good spread of lime. Or maybe the absence of one huge, overshadowing red oak tree. The tilling of the garden and the addition of rabbit manure helped too. Anyway, it’s up in a decent time frame and growing. I’m ecstatic about it.

Our girl’s farming and gardening adventures have added to the fun, too. Charlotte’s little Hugelkulture gardens in boxes are amazing. Whoever thought you could plant vegetables on carefully layered punky birch logs, leaf mulch, and chicken manure and compost! But those little green broccoli think it is perfect. Lisl and Francis are trying their own versions of potager gardens. It’s so fun to garden together so to speak over Whatsapp with videos and texts showing each other what’s happening or getting advice.

Here it is Monday and this still isn’t done. Today, 25 strawberry bare root plants came to my mailbox. I planted them immediately. I believe the garden is officially all planted.

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