Summer Morning

This amazing summer morning in June coming in through my wide open cottage window gives me joy. It’s full of birdsong and a breeze. In the garden all the baby plants are growing. I was out there breathing in the lilac’s fragrance. I saw that the peony bushes are full of buds this year. So many beautiful things happening.

I should be packing for going to the cabin

this weekend but this has to be written down first in the blog for me. And for you, if you like “testimony” or listening to personal “journey” stuff. If you don’t; just click outta here, please. Last Sunday we were talking to friends who are thinking about buying a house. We mentioned our house being available, so we arranged for them to come to supper Wednesday evening to talk. Monday morning I got up to this great weight of pause about selling our beloved home in the big trees with the lovely windows, and the marvelously growing garden, and funny rooms, needy roof, wood stove fireplaces, crooked walls, and our one of a kind curb appeal … our own perennial fixer-upper. Hmm.

We can’t make up our minds. And THAT, right there, is a good enough reason to just keep walking. I know this. But I am a prize ambivalence – er. Yesterday I knew what to do. Today I might not feel so sure. We have the same kind of guessing going on about our cabin? It’s so easy to ask, “Really, God? You really mean that we should just keep enjoying it and sharing it just the way it is?” And God is so patient with me. He is especially patient with me. He lets me spin around in my little muddle asking all these questions about the future and visions and dreams and plans while He is quietly and surely arranging our calendar and our lives to keep walking. So this morning mid-spin, again, someone called to ask if they may use the cabin in July. Ok, that’s clear enough for now. And the friends who came to talk about our house … they don’t want our house. Daily answers. Daily reason to praise and worship. Daily peace by trusting. And I’m so relieved. And we are feeling rich and content.

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