Hurry, Hurry

Church camping is in a few days. Our to-do list is long and threatens to steal our joy. There’s not enough time in our days to get it all done. So why am I sitting here fiddling around with Scribblings? It is because “normal” has to be more than a setting on the dryer in order for us to keep our priorities in line; quiet time is even more important on these busy, impossibly full days in fall. Furthermore, the list has to be divvied out in proper order on the day that it has to happen. There are only so many hours, tasks, and must-do’s per day. Thank God for the boundaries of daylight and strength. Let’s breathe deep and live joyfully within them. Doing our best is all that is required. Mistakes will happen, too, to keep us humble and gracious. So let’s lean into all of it: the prep days before camping, camping, and next week’s new projects that must happen before snow flies. It’s all on plan.

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