Twenty Minutes

This lovely moss grows on a rotted log in our creek up at the cabin. Tiny tranquil perfection that God created. The same God Who wants to grow us where we live.

I read that twenty minutes of playing piano a day will feed ones soul. What a great idea. I believe it would, really and truly. I do. But the idea also sets off my anxiety. Because there are not that many minutes strung together in a row around here waiting to be used just for anyhow.

Matthew 6:34 says, Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is it’s own trouble.

I do like how worries and trouble are to be attached to the day or to tomorrow. I only have to address them in this moment. I do not need to own worries and trouble as mine. They belong to the time frame and whatever God wants to do with them. I may stand aloof, so to speak, and live responsively as needed to the best of my ability and resources.

But when we are tearing around trying to do everything September holds, it is difficult to keep this not-to-worry approach to life intact. Lisl reminded me yesterday that we probably need better margins in our lives. A couple of our sons are reading the boundaries book these days and discussions accordingly are held about who is good at boundaries or who of us needs better boundaries and so forth. So, it’s on our minds, but frankly, I talk like we’re drowning sometimes in our busy-ness. I’m feeling convicted about that drowning attitude. If what Jesus says is true for me, I can let go of the ideal, “quiet living” with great me-time and appropriate “boundaries”, to embrace this amazing, crazy, abundant life. Of course I shall keep my precious quiet time but I might need to skip prayer meeting this week. Yes, I do need to incorporate some boundaries. I also need to trust that Jesus has control of the troubles of today and the worries of tomorrow.

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