After those two crazy weeks of “abundant living”, I was about ready for a break. There seems to be tag ends to tie about church camping, like getting real and knowing that we need to appoint a food committee at our little church. And making sure everyone got their containers back from the STS meal circus that turned out happy even though it apparently was kind of complicated. It was for me anyway. I’m not a food organizer, cook, or connoisseur, for that matter. So food is not my calling in life. And happy are they who understand this and allow me to fulfill other callings. However, we do love having company to seat around the supper table betimes. So during the STS workshops we invited the teachers to supper. I didn’t fuss much about the meal ( I just told you why), and we sat comfortably at table eating and visiting. Our visiting was particularly interesting that evening. I wish I could tell you each of their amazing credentials and histories. Carolyn’s husband is a retired scientist who helped to find the pieces and parts to that missile that Russia lost over Canada. Most of the teachers were older with lots of stories to tell and we kept them telling. Brian, a pastor from the west coast, kept us laughing. Turns out he’s also an artist and two weeks after that fun meal a pack of cards with his own paintings along with a perfectly lovely bread and butter note came in the mail. He said that he mostly does landscapes but he thought this one of Jesus laughing was appropriate for us because of our joyful community. May we live up to such an impression, forever.

I was so very blest by finding the beautiful pack of cards in the mailbox and the note. I am reminded that the old ways are still lovely. What’s nicer than a bread and butter note? What’s a more meaningful gift than ones own paintings on cards or handwork. Somebody took the time to think up a gift and to send it. I needed just such a lift that busy day. We never know how a small gesture or gift might fill a need.

This little bonus was the result of Amy and I taking an hour to pick apples at an old neglected orchard on Metcalf Road. Yes, we had permission. No, we didn’t get many apples, but it was fun and something different to experience. I’m no good at handling those long handled fruit basket pickers. But I am hoping to turn these into jars of pie filling. And Amy is quite round and pregnant right now so reaching up or bending down becomes “a journey” these days. We are excited about a 16th grandchild! Another bonus right there. You’ll have to wait for the picture, though.

Cucumbers galore keep growing on the vines in the garden. This week, I plan to gather up the last of the squashes and bring them indoors. The deer nicely ate off the last beautiful heads of cauliflower after we took the fence down. So no more gathering and blanching those. And the few carrots left, can just go ahead and grow a few more days. Gardening was amazing this summer and a full freezer and pantry the result thereof. I could feel proud but I think grateful is better in this case.

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