Whoever Has

Jesus said, “Whoever has, more shall be given and abundance. But whoever has not, even that which he seems to have will be taken away from him.” Sayings like this stumped the Pharisees and I’ll be honest, sometimes I have to think hard too, to understand or to “hear” what this means to me. For one thing what all is implied in the word “has”? What do I have? Possessions? Abilities? Relationships? Destiny?

When Moses met up with this question he was the possessor of one piece of equipment at the moment. God asked, “What is in thine hand?” What is a hiding wilderness dweller suppose to say to that question? That rod was so much a part of Moses and what he was doing that perhaps he took a startled inventory, “Do I have something in my hand? Oh it’s a rod, Lord. ”

Elv and I found out this summer that we have a productive garden. We invested a little work and mulch last fall and followed up this spring with more of that. Elv helped me to add some vertical gardening in the form of cattle panels and pushed the boundaries of the garden outward on two sides. Then we planted it. Everything grew well beyond the “more” of my verse into the “abundant”. And now the jars and the freezer are full. And Walmart is less important in our lives.

By now though, I’m taking inventory. What else do I have? That Jesus wants to make into more and abundant? The ideas and encouragements that come to mind because I now see what God will do with a little ordinary investment(mulch and tilling) and trust (planting and cultivating) are exciting.

3 thoughts on “Whoever Has”

  1. I find it interesting that these are along the same lines as my thoughts! Been feeling a bit slothful, I think, and desire to be told “Well done!” Great thoughts!


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