Seasoned Words

Jesus said, “Have salt in yourselves, and have peace with one another.” The recommended seasoning for speech over in Colossians is salt and grace. I’m thinking about all the speech and one another-ing that we do every day. Every text, every WhatsApp, every visit, every sale we make at work, every shared fear, every letter we write, every word at home with the family, every greeting, every word to a child, every heedless comment … words matter. We persuade, retort, mock, comfort, affirm, confront, answer questions, provide information with words. Sometimes we evade and hide with words. Words wound or heal. They fly happily from heart to heart. Or they beat cruelly on already aching wounds. Words shut down communication sometimes. Or they melt our icy souls.

We need to have seasoned hearts in order to have peace with one another. Seasoned with flavorful salt and grace. What’s in our hearts always comes tumbling out of our mouths before we know it. I can’t expect to offer grace and yummy words from a garbage mind. God help us. May our quiet time and conversation be seasoned with salt and grace today.

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