Home Comfort

Snow falls outside, floating past the windows, not accumulating, but each day, a little snow, harbinger of real winter.

Indoors, I nestle small plants from summer’s patio boxes into planters for our wide windowsills. We’ll have a bit of living greenery for winter. The window seat beckons with a stack of books and soft pillows. I added a big new box of hot chocolate mix packets to the coffee bar for the grandchildren who come in red -cheeked and chilled, asking for what they know I’ll give them.

It’s the time of year to gather up the stray tools, bikes, tarps, and the tiller left on the garden, tucking them away. I took the hammock down. It’s rolled up and standing in a corner downstairs. It’ll give Elv another summer of Sunday afternoon naps. It’s also time for soup simmering on the stove as early darkness falls, for our supper with fresh Dutch oven bread. Thanksgiving plans and winter decor. New books, closet cleanings, and new sweaters. Winter preparations.

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