Cabin Posting

Sitting at my new desk/writing nook at the cabin, the window beside me a panorama of the woods, swamp, and lawn, full of snow, below. I’m hoping that the pictures to post here will load onto my google library with our booster connection to the world wide web. I really wanted to finally post a real update using pictures.

How do I describe in words what we have been planning and doing by stages with this move from the Stone House to Buck Mountain Cabin and also into the little cabin beside the Stone House ? And the whys of this dance! How much sense does this make? We’re trading dwellings with Lance’s who need more space and a real house in their lives for now. Which means we’re renting the Stone House to them, but retaining the garage-turned-apartment for our own use: this summer and then weekends indefinitely.

We’re going to be moving more permanently to the cabin by this fall with Elv having a job change. But we aren’t changing churches. We will spend our weekends at our Hayward location small cabin by the Stone House. It will seem to some of you that we’re trying to live two lives at the same time.

Perhaps in the end we’ll see it that way, too. Right now, it is a reached goal. With more to come. The moment, right here, is savor-able, too. It is our choice to be content with working on and living with the on-going process of finish work.

This past week end of bringing another load to the cabin went well with the help of family and friends. Susan and family saw that we had delicious meals… Brought to us, pans of hearty egg casserole, desserts, and even fruit salad. Amazing brunch. Thanks to you all.

The unfinished-ness of Buck Mt. Cabin is coming into sharp focus: plastic covered insulation and “2x’s” of the interior walls and the Tyvek on the exterior. There’s so much to accomplish before we can feel like it’s really home: off-grid systems, tree planting, road work, and flowers, of course. I want to have chickens. Elv wants to plant deer food plots.

But cabin living is actually beginning, our style. Elv has been making breakfast for us on the cookstove while I scribble and has just called to say it is ready. He fried bacon and eggs, toasted bread, and served us. We sit at the table using placemats and cloth napkins. Our view is into the woods at the back. Planning our day to arrive at the Stone House after supper but in time for evening visits with Brad and the putting away of laundry and things from our weekend of moving.

So we’re enjoying our times at the cabin. Sunshine and snowshoeing and hosting our friends and arranging the rooms during the day. We’ve heard the wolves at night. We noticing that one of the wolves has a bass voice. There’s something wild and eerie about a wolf pack sounding off on a moon-lit night. There’s also something cozy and spine-tingling about it at the same time. We’re snuggled in our beds and sleep comes quickly on such a night.

3 thoughts on “Cabin Posting”

  1. That is such an idyllic retirement plan! But if I know you, it won’t be “done workin'” for either of you…


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