Please Stay At Home

Corona virus is the main topic of everyone’s discussions. The novel virus truly is that. New and never seen before and interesting. So, no school, no church, no meetings, no non-essential business.

I’ve had many different scribblings this week, in my journal and on a blog rough draft. The scene changes daily and everyone else is commenting with their wondering and ideas; I could just listen in. For the record though, here are a few of mine.

Do American’s know how to stay at home? Home, where there’s always food, shelter, chores, and a place to rest for most of us. Home, where there are people to love and with whom to share our food and our lives. The place where it’s okay to be who we really are. The safe place for getting well or healing body, soul and mind. The place we can keep clean and happy and pretty as we like, or not, as we wish.

Then there are the people who have a completely different experience of home. They don’t eat there, because there’s no food there. And it’s not necessarily safe there. School is safer for some children than is home. What happens to these people? This is real. So many questions and concerns surface with each new change for the last few days. It’s lovely to believe that everyone has a safe place to be, a home. I am not hoping to disturb anyone, but while we respect the authorities let’s please pray for those who suddenly are thrust into hunger and danger.

What’s it like at your house to not go anywhere for a whole week? Or longer, as the case may be. Does this give you a feeling of rising anxiety? Or would it grow on you as a place you’d rather not leave? What makes home a comfortable place where a week’s constant stay would get better and better instead of stifling and stuffy? Some folks who are under a Shelter In Place mandate are wondering what people do with children underfoot all day? How to occupy ones own children all day long, seems to be the question. I would roll my eyes but for the memories. We had those times with children even in ordinary times.

This will be a learning experience for everyone. How does one live contentedly at home with the resources we have, little or much, with grace and a willingness to share. Am I willing to share the contents of my stores with those in need?

4 thoughts on “Please Stay At Home”

  1. My daughter, Michelle, gave me something else to think about…this is God’s mercy, giving those who aren’t ready to get ready for His return or for us who felt we are ready, to take inventory of our lives to make sure! It for sure is another sign of His coming.


  2. I don’t think Wisconsin is a full shelter in place state yet, but I decided to keep my mother at home anyway after talking to her nurse practitioner. We’re usually pretty shut in anyway, but somehow I’m kind of looking forward to it. The one challenge has been trying to stock up with enough food and soap to make it for a couple weeks. Living four miles from the store gets one into a pretty bad habit of almost daily grabbing what’s needed. It took me three tries before I remembered almost everything. Church by video seemed to go very well this morning. We used Facebook. I sort of accidentally set up a “watch party” and it was interesting to see some out-of-town relatives check in briefly; although, I wished they would have been there for the whole service.Makes a person wonder what would happen if we always live streamed our services.


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