Home Life

Here we are, Elv and I, enjoying our “empty nest”. This little house is anything but empty. It’s full with only the basics of household furniture and things. So I keep it as clean and tidy as possible. There’s no room for messes left from projects or dirty dishes or anything out of it’s place. This is easy for me to maintain.

But I discovered that caving into the temptation to comb and dress nicely, later, as I feel like it, doesn’t work. With these days at home a lot, who cares, right? Not going anywhere. Nobody will show up who matters at the door suddenly. So why not relax a bit and be comfortable!

Except, that it sets my atmosphere to dragging and feeling grey. Just blah, with no purpose, and a bummed-out feeling. Nothing fun happens. Goals are impossible. Every mirror reflects a wreck. In a word, it feels terrible.

So, when I get up; I plan on making me AND my house as pretty as possible, as soon as possible. Even if I see nobody all day long, I am more ambitious, happier, and I feel better.

I remember better that God loves me and I’m prepared for anything that could come up. My Mom was right, again.

3 thoughts on “Home Life”

  1. Your last line electrified the whole musing! And now I must go see what “danisu” has written the last few days – I’ve not connected with her this week yet.


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