I usually post my Easter verses and thoughts here. This year has been so different at “so many levels” (this phrase is really popular right now, have you noticed?), that I almost forgot that little tradition. I think that Easter ought to be celebrated equally with Christmas. Yet, we couldn’t have Easter if we didn’t have Christmas; so perhaps it’s all the same.

I found this verse for today. I Peter 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…

This year I am grateful for a Living Hope. It feels extra poignant during this time of Covid-19 global lock down. Honestly, how do people cope in these times without a living hope? Living or dying, having a living hope is sustainable, for Christians. I can hardly bear to think about the alternate.

Even so, some days are hard. Bad news comes in. It snows all over the daffodils coming up. The husby has a bout of high blood pressure from pain, again. Someone in Sawyer county actually gets a positive test result, so we’re now among the numbers. I miss our church girls. These are the days to pray more, think less, and have music, besides just plain getting to work on baking or cooking off those soup bones taking up freezer space.

Speaking of soup broth. I am excited to can it into pints in preparation for fewer available groceries on a future hard day. This makes me feel virtuous. And if Covid-19 should sooner than later roll over and die out before the “economy crashes”, the broth will still be lovely for cozy, soup suppers on blustery days.

I suppose I don’t understand the economic situation very much, but I have this idea that perhaps we could use an adjustment to our rather prodigious way of living. I’m sorry if it has to be this painful, please don’t take me for being harsh and unkind. I mean it in best way possible. I want to adopt a few new habits, myself. I can re-use plastic bags. And re-wear my outfits. We can eat from the canning shelves and the freezer more and buy fewer prepared foods. As an aside. (Two fifty-year-olds do not need a lot of food.)

And what that has to do with Easter, I don’t know. It is just where we are in time, I guess. Another difference this year is that we are learning how to be more intentional with checking in with our families and church families while we aren’t having church. I’m impressed that this situation takes us in to where quiet time and faith get some real attention. We care about our faith and our walk with Jesus and it DOES sustain us. I love hearing how other people’s faith is being grown these days.

So this Easter, while we’re quarantined, let’s remember: Jesus did rise and we have a Living Hope. It makes all the difference for eternity. And eternity starts now.

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