This is a big deal right now for Elv and me. We would like to have running water, hot and cold, in our cabin kitchen.

Besides, if we want this garden to be a functional garden, we must have a way to water it.

So when the beavers built a dam down creek last fall, a pond came into being at the foot of the cabin lawn. Elv has been eyeing this growing water source thoughtfully all spring.

Last weekend he set an old water pump that he’s had up his sleeve, so to speak, down on the edge of the beaver pond, hooked up hoses and a sprinkler. With only a bit of tinkering the pump came to life and the garden was watered.

I felt a tiny glimpse of when God said,”Let there be light.” And there was light. Only this time He spoke to the beavers. And we cooperated.

For hours that beautiful pond water gave life to our garden. And Elv thoughtfully watched all weekend and talked to himself and to me about reservoirs and filters and running water for the cabin.

So this week, he took his paid vacation time and built that utility room behind the kitchen at the cabin and brought those thoughtful ponderings to reality. I shall have hot and cold water at my kitchen sink. We shall have a bath tub and a shower in the house. Off grid.

By the way, we’ve mulched this garden deeply in hay clippings from the woods trail. We’re having a great time.

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