Visiting Nebraska

Our weekend visit to the Nebraska family was wonderfully enjoyable. A graduation party, morning coffee on Jenny’s new deck, seeing the girl’s gardens, home-made ice cream, kayaking the Big Blue River, milking goats, living room visits inside where it was cool, a swimming party and getting reacquainted with the grandchildren are some of the ways we spent our visit there.

My sister, Amy, made an elegant, evening, lawn party for son Zerrick’s graduation. White tents, lights, and serving soda, cake, and ice cream from ice-filled kayaks gave the perfect touch. It’s rare to be hosted, just so, by a sister. So we soaked it up.

Here’s a picture of our farm girls milking Jenny’s beloved goats. You never can tell what the adults who come of your children are going to try. The girls had no experience with farming much less farm animals. So, it’s rather gratifying to be part of their adventures if only for a day or two. I even milked Butterscotch a couple of times. Because my left hand doesn’t get the hang of milking like my right hand does; Jenny had to finish my milking.

We thought it was very warm, though the Nebraskans seemed to not notice. “Oh yeah, it is a bit humid, isn’t it.” The girls had a swimming party and the boys went kayaking. This their admission. And homemade ice creams. Elv and I settled for the ice cream and living room visits for our cooling off method.

Some day we’ll be looking through old pictures and enjoy the one of Belle and Karyn posing under the peach tree that is growing some 25 fruits this season. This fruiting is a triumph since the frost killed the apple crop this spring.

Francis asked us one day if we’d like something cool to eat. Actually she said that she was about to make something cool, involving ice and orange juice and cream, and would we like some. We would.

She has her own little farm: a cow of the Dexter variety that will freshen late next winter, chickens of different stages and sizes, some that lay eggs, quail that also lay eggs, geese, not even one duck, pigs for meat later, and a garden of the potager variety.

This last is from our own garden here at home. Harvesting has begun. I put snap peas in the freezer today. We’re having a most amazing summer in the garden.

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