Summer In the Garden

Garden daisies in whites are my favorite.
Let’s have sunflowers for yellow and gold and orange.
These volunteer Forget-Me-Not flowers provide an old -fashioned touch. Besides what better blue is there anywhere?
Purple coneflower isn’t purple; it is pink. The cone itself is orange really or maroon-y brown depending on how you’re looking at it. The cone is also one of those spiral-y arranged clusters. If you aspire to do a detailed pencil drawing of a coneflower, be prepared to wonder and worship. I finally quit trying, but I learned so much by trying. The spiral shape can be found in a sea shell and a galaxy.
Beulah beans and potatoes in our garden this summer are gloriously big and green and producing. I’m super excited about the beans because not only will we have plenty of seed from this precious heirloom, we will also have plenty to can.
I dug under the mulch into the hill to see how the potatoes are doing. We can start enjoying new red potatoes and fresh garden peas for suppers now. A most elegant and delectable dish. Use plenty of butter.
Charlotte planted snap peas and shell peas on fences side by side. Both varieties are lush and full. The snap peas are over my head now.
And I missed the tomatoes for admiring their companions. Marigolds must be the most dependable flowers there are. Mom always counted on them for borders and footing fillers. They stink while being weeded, so they’d rather be allowed to live and grow unmolested. I weed them anyway.

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