Summer Days

Here’s a post that didn’t. Fortunately our summer as you can see from these pictures, flew by. We did all the things: Sunday afternoon picnics, evenings outside by the fire, gardens, and flowers. Besides we made a water system that works at the cabin and the potatoes grew big, the squash took over, and the strawberries put out runners galore.

All these amazing things happened with out my intervention. I worked at something, I’m sure, and I feel tired and ready for fall, a first snow, and a fire in the stove. I know it’s too soon and I shouldn’t, but believe me, when we finally get settled in at the cabin, I’m going to be so ready to give up the brain work of living in two places. And that’s all the complaining I’ll do, for now.

Let’s get this old posting done, finally. I’ll be back.

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