This Day In Idaho

This is yesterday’s daily posting. I took a tramp behind dad’s house in the woods.

Thirty years ago, we came out to this country to visit my brother. And to see what we could we see about job possibilities. The one possibility dried up before the first interview and we happily returned to Wisconsin. Idaho is beautiful, but that’s about it for us. Everybody else loves this valley, apparently. The valley is flooded with people and their new houses. And there are always more new houses being built. I’m astonished, honestly.

Yesterday, on my walk, though, I found a place to aim my camera where there were no houses. The woods were tranquil and spring beautiful. The fir trees are blooming in tiny red flames just now. Did you know that douglas fir trees bloom? I’m keeping my eyes open. There’s something to discover yet, out behind the houses in the woods.

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