Juniper Haircap Moss

If value is measured by how noticable something is, then mosses have to be low on the list. If value is measured by how intricate, delicate, and beautiful; mosses rate high.

My sister April and I were down on our hands and knees today, our phone cameras pressed into the soft mosses trying to capture the details.

Of course, as sisters, we had things to discuss, which we did, but I’m going to take the memory of moss picture taking together home with me. Spending a few hours together for real is far more satisfactory than all the WhatsApp convos ever. It doesn’t really matter what we’re talking about or doing … It’s about presence. I’m not complaining about virtual communications at all … I’ll take what I can get to be with a sister, but you can’t see resemblances of spirit and mind over the air, so to speak. Context that we share makes more sense in each other’s actual presence. Tell me. Does anyone of you get this?


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