Ten Things

Lately, I’ve been writing ten things I am grateful for, in my journal, every day. Of course, in my small world themes and the same things are bound to show up over and over on these lists. Surprisingly though, the more I do it the more specific and detailed I can be. Evidently this exercise does my general attitude, plus the people around me, a favor. Ok, it’s a little Pollyanna-esce, I’ll admit, but what’s not good about that if it’s working! And I do need this to work in February. Here’s today’s list.

  • Winter beauty outside the windows.
  • A useful, friendly dog named Lacey.
  • An old friend says she’s sending me a letter.
  • I get to help the girls any time I want or they need this winter.
  • A writer’s conference to attend if I want.
  • Macrame plant hangers are in again.
  • A clean bathroom fan, shower curtain, and rug. (That was an adventure, looking up how to take apart and clean that fan on utube. Trusty ole utube!)
  • Morning quiet time.
  • Good coffee.
  • And our warm house.

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