Home in February

I enjoy February, grey skies, blahs, and all. It’s the best kind of recess after the big Holidays and winter illnesses, but before the rush of taxes, seed starting, and summer plans. I often go ahead with taxes and garden sketching in February, but the point is that I could put them off and still not be late if I wanted to.

I still get to choose, in February, about deep cleaning and organizing, whether I do them now or later. Projects come and go without frantic deadlines. Funny thing is, it comes out about the same with projects. Without the pressure, the dress is getting finished just the same.

It’s a time to read books. And have a puzzle going. There’s no fear really that I’ll just not do anything else and simply rot away in sloth because there are fires to tend and recipes to try and people to do for.

It’s also one of the best home creating times. The sun is doing lovely things to the snow and the living spaces more and more each day that it shines. In February, you can feel the sunshine and the Lord only knows how badly we need that. I frankly must sit in the sun this time of year. But I was talking about creating. I need clean and simpler decor and yellow. So yellow was happening out in the kitchen the other evening. I tried to capture it. It blessed me, anyway.

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