Easter 2022

So far it’s been a cold, snowy spring. And that’s okay, really, except that the baby flower plants are going to be pretty leggy before we can plant them out. I love baby plants. This year they seem to love me, too, and are doing well.

We came into Easter season around here with a virus that kept Elv close to house and home most of a week. But we were well enough to go to church Sunday. Of course, Easter Sunday.

This posting languishes in the drafts folder. A week later the snow is mostly melted and a spring rain seems to be headed our way. We actually had a warm morning to work outside cleaning up puppy chewings of plastic and tree trash. Porch sweeping and burdock mowing.

Later again. This posting must go out today.

We moved Lacey’s doghouse back to where it was all winter, too close to the wash lines … so I thought. Too bad for my wishes. She wasn’t thriving anymore, refusing to move with the new location. She’s still a puppy,I guess. We couldn’t enjoy her shivery snores at 3AM from below our window where she was trying to be close to us. So back in with heater and rug, too. Oh well.

That’s how spring is going up here in Wisconsin, in general. Hold our horses. We have another whole week to putter with fixing the tiller. We’ll probably need to fill the wood boxes again, too.

Thankful Again

  • Monday routines. Because, there’s rest for the mind in operating out of habit doing the daily work. My mind needs a break on Monday.
  • Frogs. Some folks call them spring peepers. We sleep with our window open most of the year. There’s music from the frogs, coyotes, owls, and the trains. And fresh air.
  • Our Sunday table, set in beautiful chinaware and cloth napkins. So much mealtime grace and beauty for so little effort.

I have a thought for you to comment on. I appreciate that I can talk with any of our family anytime I wish, even though we live in different houses, obviously, belong to different communities, and live far apart in different states. And our family makes good use of WhatsApp. It’s amazing and often comforting. Sometimes though, I feel overwhelmed with holding in my heart the information overload and the many needs I end up knowing about as a mom. I wouldn’t trade with the women who moved across the continent to help pioneer in the west back in the day. That’s the extreme contrast. Yes, I’ll take what I have, of course.

What are your methods for keeping confidences? And how does your mom mind juggle the joys and sorrows of easy communication? Do you ever feel like you’d welcome a week’s break from the phone, while knowing, that isn’t practical. How do you keep a quiet, restful mind. How do you discern guilt about phone time from a true need to change something?

I keep busy with daily work and a job two days a week. And talk to God about all the things on my mind. Sometimes I do not see my phone all day. Or I forget to turn the ringer back on in the morning. I would love to hear from you.

1 thought on “Easter 2022”

  1. I don’t really have an answer to your question. I’m with you, but probably even more attached/addicted to my phone than you are. 😩

    I enjoyed this post and it made me think.


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