Spring Arrived Yesterday

Truly springtime weather, when the sun shines brilliantly through the leafless trees, the kids come in at supper with sunburned cheeks, and the first fragile little flowers show up through the dead leaves on the forest floor, is the first day of spring.

It’s the day I open the kitchen door to the porch to feel that pleasantly balmy air… Winter chill is gone. And something inside my waiting heart opens up and relaxes and says to me, “Okay, now you can garden and find flowers in the woods.”


Two days later these flowers are all open in purple stars. I’ll need to do my regular woods tramp to see what else has shown up through the dead leaves.

Spring peepers eggs and gel.

Please don’t be squeamish. The grandchildren explored the pond quite thoroughly and we took photos of everything: unknown larvae, a peeper itself, and of the children knee deep in pond wonders. It was one of those days when nothing else matters except to experience as much spring as possible. I have memories of exploring the woods and pastures as a child on such a day. And of taking our children to the woods where Elv was working, to play in the running water wherever we could find it. Finding spring flowers is the main goal, though.

And having the first campfire. I was out of marshmallows … Which had better not happen again!

And the first lawn work.

The first tilling. After that winter, we needed to have spring. So thankful. That clenched fist feeling inside is leaving. And that’s me saying this … The girl who loves winter and wood stoves and beautiful snow.

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