I made a bouquet for the table from the woods and lawn last night. After getting acquainted with the lawn, woods, and gardens here, and planning what to plant, besides cleaning up overgrowth, I can see the needs indoors again. The housework has languished on the half-ish side.

The best place to begin the return to housework is to create a new table centerpiece. Spring centerpieces are easy to create. Fresh greenery and new flowers are at hand just for the gathering. Add in candles, lace and whatever else you have can play along: salt and pepper shakers, books, or fruit…

Most any situation can be beautified with a little cleaning and creativity. I suppose the home keeper’s best resource is the ability to envision possibilities using what’s already here. Simply to clear and to shine the surface of the family table opens my mind to the prospect of a clean, comfortable place to rest after a day of spring work outside.

Today, I suddenly found myself wondering what was next, with nothing really hounding me. This is because the weather has finally settled into the right slot. It’s May now, both on the calendar and on the thermometer. Last week it seemed like we should be planting the garden immediately-it was so warm and sunny. Of course, the drenching hail and rain squalls prevented that. Now that we’re back on track we’ll plant the gardens after the threat of frost that’s predicted this weekend.

Wait, then there was this that happened. Never mind, May includes hail this year. I’m glad the garden isn’t planted.

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