Called Away

She was called away to Heaven. In the middle of greenhouse season and before the dandelions went to seed. Right when it was time to plant and mend her lovely flower gardens that she’d made all around the property.

Finally her joints are pain free so that she can do stairs just fine again. And her heart function is new and normal at last. I’m glad for her, but I wasn’t done having her help here.

She was opinionated and forthright, yet she was one of my best mentors in life. She believed in me and my aspirations. And she said so! We don’t do enough of that… Of saying so, to our people.

She loved her people fiercely and constantly. She kept track of everyone in her life. And when it was difficult to do so… those away out west or in Africa or France, wherever her people had spread to, she prayed and fussed over them. Sometimes they would get frustrated with her jealous care. She would be equally frustrated when they were too busy to keep her “up” on their lives. I am glad that she gets to see how Jesus cared like that for her, too, and now she’s safely Home.

Safely home. That’s all she ever wanted for her people. May it be so, for all of us, in the end.

1 thought on “Called Away”

  1. I’m grateful you posted about our friendly and forthright aunt. I didn’t get to be with her often enough, and now we’re missing her funeral too. I like your conclusion about us all getting safely Home. Hugs as you ponder and grieve…


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