Just Posting

The thing is, I haven’t posted in awhile even with the built in reminders to do so on my phone. Now that I have this moment, there’s all these pictures of our get-together, the garden, and wild flowers, of course. So many events and thoughts and memories. Don’t worry, I’ll not detract from yours, reciting ours.

But it has been such fun. We packed so much into Saturday that by the time Monday, July 4, came around; we had a fairly quiet day.

This picture is in the wrong place. At the end of our day at Cheney, Grandpa Elv gave rides. This one was pretty short and slow because it was too full, but they kept piling in…

Nowadays spending a summer Saturday at Cheney lake is a lot different than it was twenty years ago. It’s more, of a lot of things! The children swam and played on the sandy beach while the adults either refereed or fled across the lake in canoes or boats to fish quietly. So many things are happening all at once with 30+people in one place that is hard to describe or keep track of.

We had the lake and beach to ourselves most of the day and the fishermen caught fish. Respective parents counted swimmer’s heads and tended babies while I got to do any of the above that I wished to share in. A corn hole game appeared from someone’s vehicle as did grills and chairs and food and more towels and sand toys and pertaining paraphernalia.

We used to drop everything and go to Cheney lake back in the day when the family was young and small, still under one roof. The kids had the drill down pat and we could leave in an hour from the “Let’s go to Cheney!” decision to driving out the lane. It took us about the same amount of time last Saturday on short notice. Big difference is that now it’s seven vehicles. It’s good we have WhatsApp though, so we know who’s getting ice, pop, and whathaveyou on the way through town.

But first the guys worked on firewood. What a party that was. Grandsons are amazing. They can drive tractors and throw wood and move mountains like nobody’s business.

Maybe you’re working on new habits of happy, too. Here’s a verse that helps with that idea for me. Not sitting with mockers. How close home mockery can be. And how much damage!

How happy is the one who does not

walk in the advice of the wicked

or stand in the pathway with sinners

or sit in the company of mockers!

Instead, let’s delight in the Lord.

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